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Just the Beginning…

So this weekend I had the privilege of turning 25! Quarter of a century! It’s crazy how quickly years go by. Feels like it was yesterday I threw a concert for my 21st.

But this birthday I was in deep thought. It started a couple weeks ago while editing a post by my friend Brandon (B-Luv) entitled “25”*. In it, he wrote about how he was in deep thought evaluating his life up until his 25th birthday and came out with acknowledging that while he was happy with what he did accomplish, he knew he could do more and would strive to do that.

People have commended me on what I’ve achieved yet I look in the mirror and say there’s much more I haven’t unlocked. The Lord has proved time and time again what He can do with me yet I have chosen comfort over ambition. People’s smiles and thumbs up have given me a false feeling of accomplishment but there was much more I could’ve done.

Things have changed. I have chosen to no longer allow fear or comfort to keep me from achieving all God created me to achieve. I will strive to excel in preaching, excel in my private walk, excel in my relationships, excel in writing and so much more.

I chose to start with this blog. I’ve started a few and stopped short but this time I’m aiming to go all the way. So welcome! If you’re reading this right now, thank you and welcome to OnePurpose’s blog site. I’m preparing to begin to post regularly so stay tuned. I’m looking into not only doing devotionals but also current events, spotlight on people and events, reviews and MUCH more! I’m excited to get this ball rolling and grateful you’ve decided to tune in. Keep looking for more. Share it. Comment. This is just the beginning!

*To read the original “25” blog by B-Luv: