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Five Things We Teach Our Kids When We Don’t Know They’re Watching

To all my parenting friends, current and future: This is a blessing and a lesson for us all.

Your Mom Has A Blog

The other day it finally rained in our parched little town.  We’re in the middle of a drought, and the torrential rainfall was such a welcome and strange sight.  It rained so much in such a short time that the streets began flooding, which, believe me, no one minded at all.  After so many long months with very little rain, it was nice to see the ditches and roadways overflowing with rushing water.  When Adelade saw the water filling the roadways, she commented:  Daddy said that Disney World has drainage problems.  What??  Well, we went to Disney World when Adelade was five years old.  She’s nine now, but she remembered walking the streets of Disney hand in hand with her Daddy after an afternoon rain.  While they walked, he told her–you guessed it–that Disney World has drainage problems.

Kids have minds like gloriously uncluttered steel traps.  If she remembers some completely inconsequential…

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Prayer is Ridiculous

Please read this. It blessed me.

The Responsible Puppet

I say it again, prayer is ridiculous.

What is prayer? Prayer – especially the supplication kind, requires the belief that
(1) You, a finite, short-lived, self-focused, fallible, mortal being with little knowledge,
(2) by uttering (or even just thinking!) some request out into the expanse of the universe
(3) somehow might be heard and comprehended
(4) by a more-knowing, less-imperfect and more-powerful Being (to whom you are directing the request), and that this
(5) may cause the Being to take some action that will
(6) cause change in the course of some part of the universe that you care about,
(7) in a direction that you think would be better than if this change didn’t happen.

Also note:
• Often your prayer’s targeted section of existence is not at all within your sphere of influence.
• Often your utterances are made in complete or nearly-complete ignorance.
• The more powerful…

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Humble yourself!